What is FindOne?

Connect with Companies


We connect employers and skills together without the need for agencies. Recruitment agents will not have access to our platform. Connections will be based solely on a skills match between the wants of the employer and the skills set of the candidate.

Creating direct connections to promote ethical recruitment, cutting out the middle-man and putting the power into your hands.


  • Decide your privacy settings
  • You control your search, your data and your connections
  • You have the ability to leave or pause your account at anytime.
Take Control of your Data

Be Private and Anonymous

Be Private

You have the ability to make your profile anonymous and private at any time or keep your name visible, giving you the power.


All businesses have to be verified before they gain access to the platform, removing the risk of bots and spam, giving you the confidence that you and your data is safe.

Be Private and Anonymous

Coming Soon.